Concrete blankets, also known as closed cell insulating blankets, is comprised of soft closed-cell foam with thousands of tiny insulating air pockets to prevent fresh concrete’s heat of hydration from escaping too quickly.

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Concrete Curing Blankets

Concrete Curing Blanket

Introducing Premium Concrete Curing Blankets: Your go-to solution for efficient curing in any weather. Made in the USA with heavy-duty materials, including reinforced poly coverings and webbed edges, our blankets withstand harsh conditions and multiple uses. Our blankets are coated on both sides, saving you time and money. No need to wait for drying – just flip and go! Featuring rot-resistant thread, closed cell foam, rust-proof grommets, and stay-put buttons, our blankets offer unmatched durability and stability. Available in a standard size of 6’ X 25’, these blankets ensure reliable results for every project.
Extreme Curing Blanket

Extreme Curing Blanket

Introducing Grip Rite Extreme Curing Blanket: Your ultimate solution for winter concrete insulation. Trusted nationwide by pros, these blankets feature a patented buttonless design for reduced tearing and moisture penetration. Crafted with high-density woven PE and foil facing, they offer superior vapor resistance and insulation. With full edge-to-edge coverage and perforated webbing for easy fastening, Grip Rite blankets ensure top-notch performance in cold weather conditions. Versatile enough to double as insulated tarps on scaffolding, they're the go-to choice for professionals everywhere.