Clemons Concrete Coatings

Clemons Concrete Coatings has been serving the concrete industry since 1953.

Clemons Concrete Coatings is an American manufacturer of Sealers, Cure & Seals, Stains, Releases, Densifiers, Retarders, and Cleaners with highest quality chemicals under strict process control.

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Super Poly Parts A and B

Super Poly

Introducing SUPER POLY: Elevate Your Concrete Surfaces SUPER POLY is a high solids aliphatic poly-urea system that enhances and protects concrete with a glossy, abrasion-resistant finish. With quick application and excellent adhesion, it offers durability and a quick return-to-service time. Waterproof and versatile, SUPER POLY is perfect for interior use, ensuring your concrete surfaces look their best for years to come.
Superseal 19

Superseal 19

Introducing Superseal 19: Optimal Concrete Protection Superseal 19 is a premium low VOC, solvent-based cure and seal, offering high solids and slow drying for easy application. With options for high gloss or matte finishes, it enhances color on decorative concrete while meeting low VOC standards. Ideal for most concrete types, it provides UV resistance and durability, ensuring long-lasting protection.
Superseal 25

Superseal 25

Introducing Superseal 25: Enhanced Concrete Protection Superseal 25 is a low VOC, styrene-acrylic copolymer solution that offers both protective and decorative finishes for concrete. With its high gloss "wet" look, it enhances color on decorative surfaces while allowing concrete to achieve full strength. Easy to apply and slow-drying, it meets low VOC standards for environmental compliance. Ideal for most concrete types, except for cured broom finished concrete.
Supreme Seal 25

Supreme Seal 25 VX

Introducing Supreme Seal 25 VX: Enhance and Protect Your Concrete Supreme Seal 25 VX is a tough pure acrylic concrete sealer designed to provide high gloss and durable protection for all concrete types. Its UV-resistant formula preserves the appearance of decorative concrete, ensuring long-lasting beauty. With high solids content (25%), it offers economical coverage and high gloss in fewer coats. Experience enhanced concrete surfaces with Supreme Seal 25 VX.