Concrete Vibrators

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Picture of Control Speed Vibrator CSV

Control Speed Vibrator CSV

Minnich Control Speed Vibrator is the most advanced concrete vibrator on the market. With its Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable speed settings, you can control your concrete like never before. Achieve consistent results every time, extend the life of your concrete, and save time and money.
Picture of Flex-Shaft Core and Casing

Flex-Shaft Core and Casing

Minnich flex shaft core and casings are the perfect solution for any concrete vibrator application. They are made with high-quality steel and are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The reversible core adds life to the casing, while the core strain relief provides extra protection. The coarse thread on the core/casing prevents cross threading, making it easy to use and maintain.
Picture of Flex-Shaft Heads

Flex-Shaft Heads

Minnich Flex Shaft Vibrator Heads are durable and long-lasting, made with high-quality steel and heavy-duty bearings. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are easy to use and maintain
Picture of High Cycle Generator

High Cycle Generator

Minnich High Cycle Generator powers your high-cycle concrete vibrators.
Picture of HV-2


The Minnich HV-2 Series is a high-quality, reliable hydraulic internal paving vibrator that is perfect for most slip-form applications. It features a number of advantages over other brands, including round vibrator heads, block isolators, an armor coated hydraulic hose, a Minnich designed and built hydraulic motor, and easy repairability.
Picture of HV-3 Vibrators

HV-3 Vibrators

The Minnich HV-3 Series hydraulic internal paving vibrators are a great option for smaller slip-form applications. They feature block isolators, armor coated hydraulic hose, and a Minnich designed and built hydraulic motor for a longer lifespan and greater reliability.
Picture of M178


Minnich M178 high-cycle concrete vibrator for productivity and safety in low-slump concrete applications. 1-7/8” head diameter, motor-in-head design, 4-prong grounded twist lock plug, leakproof switch pod, hose and cable options.
Picture of M258


The Minnich MCV-32 high-cycle concrete vibrator is perfect for low-slump concrete applications such as bridge pillars and large walls. The vibrator maximizes productivity by providing consistently high frequency and centrifugal force. They also feature a leakproof switch pod for greater safety and longer switch life. Hose and cable options are available to meet exact handling needs.
Picture of M-Box


The Minnich M-BOX gives you complete control of your concrete by allowing you to control the speed/vibrations per minute (VPM) of up to two high cycle vibrators by choosing speeds of 6,000, 8,000, and 10,800 VPM’s.
Picture of Minnich 50cc Backpack Concrete Vibrator

Minnich 50cc Backpack Concrete Vibrator

The Minnich 50cc Backpack Concrete Vibrator is a powerful and reliable tool for any contractor or homeowner who needs to consolidate concrete. It's lightweight and easy to use, and it features a durable steel frame, comfortable harness, variable speed control, quick disconnect head, built-in fuel tank, and one-year warranty.
Picture of Stinger


The Minnich Stinger is a lightweight, durable, and versatile concrete vibrator that is perfect for any job. It is powered by a 15-amp (115-volt) universal motor and comes standard with a quick disconnect. The Stinger offers a more compatible speed range for today’s placement challenges and has a durable frame that extends vibrator life. Order your Minnich Stinger today!
MagVibe G3 MVP

MagVibe Gen3 MVP

Introducing the MagVibe Gen3 MVP: Elevate Your Concrete Finishing Experience precise concrete consolidation with the MagVibe Gen3 MVP by Superior Innovations. Ergonomically designed for efficiency and control, it streamlines the finishing process for reliable results every time.