Euclid Chemical

The Euclid Chemical Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America.

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Picture of  EUCO-PLATE HD


Euclid Chemical EUCO-PLATE HD Heavy-Duty Metallic Floor Hardener


Euclid Chemical TAMMS THIN PATCH TAMMS THIN PATCH is a polymer modified, cement based mortar formulated for repairing defects in concrete and masonry surfaces from featheredge up to 1” (2.54 cm).
Picture of AKKRO-7T Liquid Bonding Admixture

AKKRO-7T Liquid Bonding Admixture

Euclid Chemical AKKRO-7T is a non-redispersable, liquid bonding admixture used to produce polymer modified concrete and mortar.
Picture of Aqua-Cure VOX

Aqua-Cure VOX

Euclid Chemical AQUA-CURE VOX is a water-based, low odor Cure and Seal for concrete
Euclid Concrete Blaster

Concrete Blaster

Euclid Chemical's Concrete Blaster is a high-performance equipment cleaner. CONCRETE BLASTER is a patented liquid with the ability to remove hardened, built-up concrete from tools and equipment. It is designed to eliminate the need for sand blasting, bush-hammering and jack-hammering hardened concrete from equipment.
Picture of Concrete Finisher

Concrete Finisher

Cement-Based Decorative and Dampproofing Coating
Picture of Concrete Surface Retarder Formula S

Concrete Surface Retarder Formula S

Euclid Chemical CONCRETE SURFACE RETARDER Formula S is a neutral, sprayable liquid for application to freshly placed horizontal concrete surfaces.
Euclid Concrete-Top Supreme


CONCRETE-TOP SUPREME is a latex and microsilica modified cementitious mortar designed for use as a concrete repair mortar at thicknesses of 3/8” to 2”.
Picture of Diamond Clear (Not for use or sale in PA)

Diamond Clear (Not for use or sale in PA)

Euclid Chemical DIAMOND CLEAR Non-Yellowing, Curing and Sealing Compound Cannot be sold or used in PA
Picture of Diamond Clear VOX

Diamond Clear VOX

DIAMOND CLEAR VOX is a VOC compliant, water-based acrylic curing and sealing compound. This product provides a quality cure to freshly placed interior or exterior concrete while assuring total resistance to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure.
Picture of Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

DIAMOND-PLATE is a metallic, dry shake floor hardener with graded, non-oxidizing metallic aggregate in a high strength cementitious binder.
Dural 452

Dural 452 Gel

DURAL 452 GEL is a two-component, 100% solids, DOT non-corrosive, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, structural gel is perfect for bonding applications that require a non-sag adhesive.