Nomaco is a leader in the design and extrusion of custom engineered foam products and components for a wide range of markets including construction, home furnishings, packaging, fitness & recreation and more.

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Picture of SOF Rod Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

SOF Rod Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

Introducing Nomaco SOF Backer Rod: The ultimate solution for joint sealing applications. Made from bi-cellular polyethylene foam, SOF Rod offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with cold-applied sealants. Its non-gassing properties ensure a bubble-free seal, preventing failure and ensuring long-lasting performance. Trust Nomaco SOF Backer Rod for superior joint sealing results.


Introducing NOMAFLEX® Polypropylene Joint Filler: A game-changer in concrete expansion joint fillers. Its closed-cell polypropylene foam, with innovative NOMAFLEX Cutter tool, ensures superior performance and faster installation. Resistant to water, chemicals, and weather elements, NOMAFLEX lasts longer and offers lower installed costs. Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Nomaflex Cutter

Nomaflex Cutter

Introducing the Nomaflex® Cutter: Simplify your installation process with this innovative scoring tool designed for use with Nomaflex expansion joint filler. Easily create a 1/2” void for sealant without the need for a separate void cap system. Enjoy cost savings and convenience while ensuring flexibility and durability with Nomaflex.
HBR Closed Cell Backer Rod

HBR Closed Cell Backer Rod

Elevate your concrete construction projects with Nomaco HBR Closed Cell Backer Rod. Designed for optimal sealant application, it controls depth, prolongs sealant life, and ensures compatibility with various sealant types. Easy to install and precision-engineered for superior performance, Nomaco HBR is your go-to solution for expansion joints, curtain walls, and more. Trust in Nomaco HBR for efficient sealing and lasting results.
HBR XL Backer Rod

HBR XL Cross-Linked Closed Cell Backer Rod

Discover Nomaco HBR XL Backer Rod: your ultimate solution for efficient sealing in building envelope and concrete construction. Engineered to limit sealant depth and prevent excess usage, HBR XL offers unmatched versatility and compatibility with both hot-pour and cold-applied sealants. Ensure precise installation and long-term performance with this cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam backer rod.