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Picture of Bar Lock Coupler System

Bar Lock Coupler System

The Dayton Superior Bar Lock® Coupler System provides a simple, quick, cost effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in tension and/or compression applications. Bar Lock® couplers are effective when used as a inch positional inch coupler when the rebar is fixed in place or when the rebar is free to rotate. Bar Lock® couplers utilize lock-shear bolts and serrated grip rails to mechanically splice the rebar. The serrated grip rails are embedded in the rebar as the lock-shear bolts are tightened. The heads of the lock-shear bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque to ensure proper installation.
Epoxy Coated Rebar

Epoxy Coated Rebar

Epoxy Coated Steel Rebar also referred to as green rebar, is used in concrete subjected to corrosive conditions.
Picture of E-Z Lok Wheel

E-Z Lok Wheel

E-Z Lok Wheel
Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass Composite Rebar is a high‐strength composite reinforcing bar engineered for concrete flatwork. 3MAX™ Composite Rebar replaces steel rebar and welded wire mesh in flatwork, providing centuries of serviceability to your reinforced concrete
Picture of Handheld Rebar Cutter (up to 3/4 inch thick)

Handheld Rebar Cutter (up to 3/4 inch thick)

Multiquip HBC19A Handheld Rebar Cutter (up to 3/4" thick)
Picture of Metal Tie Wire Reel

Metal Tie Wire Reel

Kraft Tool GG311 Metal Tie Wire Reel
Picture of Portable Rebar Bender MB25A

Portable Rebar Bender MB25A

Portable rebar bender, bench type, 1" bar capacity, 115V


Steel rebar
Picture of Rebar Cutter, Handheld HBC25A

Rebar Cutter, Handheld HBC25A

Rebar Cutter, Handheld, 1" Bar Capacity, 115V
Picture of Slab Bolster Upper

Slab Bolster Upper

To support one layer of steel above another and space them to required distance. May also be used to support steel on soft material form surface, such as carton forms or fill material.
Rebar Tie Wire

Rebar Tie Wire

Secure rebar with ease using Rebar Tie Wire. Crafted for durability and reliability, this wire ensures a tight hold for structural integrity. Simplify your construction process with this trusted accessory.