Sika Greenstreak

Sika Greenstreak has been recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of concrete construction products that include waterstops, concrete joint sealing systems, architectural concrete formliners, joint doweling systems, and miscellaneous concrete accessories. 

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GSeal Paving Cap

G-Seal, Paving Cap Seal

G-Seal, Paving Cap is a durable, modified PVC cap placed over expansion board materials to create a continuous seal.
Formliner Pattern Example

Sika Greenstreak Formliner

Sika® Greenstreak formliners provide an economical means for adding interest and visual appeal to almost any concrete structure.
PVC Waterstops

Sika Greenstreak PVC Waterstop

Sika® Greenstreak® provides you with the highest quality and most specified waterstop brand on the market. Sika® Greenstreak®’s PVC waterstop has always been made from a proprietary formula that is self-compounded and only produced from prime virgin materials. PVC is the industry standard for flexible waterstops, which are typically embedded across and along the joint. PVC is the most versatile waterstop material, offering the broadest design selection and is accepted under the ACI 350 "Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures". It has great inherent elasticity and is resistant to many waterborne chemicals. It will not discolor concrete or produce electrolytic action.
Hydrotite CJ

Sika Hydrotite CJ Waterstop

Sika Hydrotite CJ Hydrophilic Strip Applied Waterstop
Hydrotite DSS_SS_RS_DS

Sika Hydrotite DSS Waterstop For Pipe Penetrations

Sika Hydrotite For Pipe Penetrations, Concrete Curbs, Etc. Waterstop includes profiles DSS, DS, SS, and RS.
Sika Greenstreak Hydrotite Ring

Sika Hydrotite Rings

Sika® Hydrotite® rings are available in a range of internal diameters to meet varying needs. Sika® Hydrotite® hydrophilic rings may be installed wherever a penetration through concrete needs to be sealed. Conduits, pipes, embedded sleeves, and concrete wall ties can all be sealed utilizing Sika® Hydrotite® rings.
Sika Hydrotite RSS

Sika Hydrotite RSS Waterstop

Sika Hydrotite RSS Waterstop is for for Joint Repair and Sawed Control Joints
Speed Plates

Sika Speed Plate

Sika’s Speed Plate® system reduces the number of dowels required when compared with conventional doweling systems. Speed Plate® allows the installer to increase the center distance between dowels, further reducing labor and material costs
Speed Dial Base

Speed Dowel Base

Speed Dowel is a patented two-component system, comprised of a round or square dowel sleeve and corresponding base. The base and sleeve attach to the edge form prior to concrete placement.
Picture of Speed Dowel Sleeves

Speed Dowel Sleeves

Speed Dowel is a patented two-component system, comprised of a round or square dowel sleeve and corresponding base.
Picture of Swellstop 3/4"

Swellstop 3/4"

Swellstop Primer

Swellstop Adhesive Primer

Swellstop Primer is used for adhering Sika® Greenstreak’s Swellstop strip-applied waterstop to concrete.