Stego Industries

Stego Industries leads the way in moisture protection with its advanced solutions. From vapor barriers to accessories, our products offer unmatched performance and durability. Committed to sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Backed by expert support, Stego ensures peace of mind for your projects. Choose Stego for top-tier moisture protection.
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Stego Vapor Barrier

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier: The ultimate defense against moisture intrusion, available in 15-mil and 20-mil thicknesses. Engineered with precision and durability, Stego Wrap ensures superior protection for structures in residential and commercial applications. Trust Stego Industries' commitment to quality and sustainability for peace of mind in moisture control.
Stego Tape

Stego Tape

Stego Tape: A high-performance sealing solution with low-permeance and exceptional adhesion. Perfect for Stego Wrap seams and penetrations, this tape ensures superior moisture resistance and clean, residue-free application. Trusted by professionals worldwide for its reliability and effectiveness.